Seiver Ranch 1.0, the original Seiver Ranch, is a 20-acre ranch with ranch house and large shop located about 10 miles west of Columbus Montana in Yellowstone River Estates.  The original SR 1.0 ranch house was burned to the ground as well as the loss of all the ponderosa pines on the ranch when a wildfire ran through the area in the summer of 2006. Pictures before and after the fire are shown below in approximate date order (2005-2016).

Seiver Ranch 1.0 was sold in February 2017


ESTABLISHED                                                              LOCATION

2001 (Lot 37) / 2005 (Lot 218)                                                      Near Columbus, Montana, Stillwater County

ELEVATION                                                                 CURRENT SIZE of SR 1.0

Approximately 3950 feet (1200 meters) above sea level              20.01 acres (8.1 hectares)